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Wake Well
How to Have Energy, Be Happy, and avoid the crashes!!!
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What is
Wake Well?
Wake Well is NOT just another energy drink to bring you up and let you crash.
It's NOT about adding more stress to the body through toxic chemical energy drinks.
Wake Well Is...
  • Scientifically based...
  • It is a patented formula...
  • Enhances your body's natural biochemistry...
  • Gives you energy, focus, and mood improvement...
  • Provides antioxidants...
  • Reduces inflammation associated with exercise...
  • Aids in respiratory support...

Hi, my name is Dr. James Rouse and welcome to Well & Company...

In the next few minutes you are going to discover how middle aged women and men, business owners, and entrepeneurs from all over the country have become awake with vitality and without the spikes and valleys.

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Jane-Marie Testimonial
I slept solidly
With the Rest Well ... I slept solidly until it was time to get up... and I never set an alarm, and I consistently woke up around 6:30 or 7:00. --Jane-Marie
Jim & Jill Testimonial
I noticed a difference in mental clarity
Well & Company is extremely progressive... extremely innovative... within 2 days I saw brain fog clear... I wasn't lethargic... it wasn't a jolt... I was just clear... within 2 days I noticed a difference in mental clarity, and a robust type of energy. --Jim & Jill
Chris & Hannah Testimonial
It's the lifestyle you always dream of!
With everything I do as a competitive athlete... energy has always been an issue... Now... its just like this kinda good sustained healthy... We have fun, we joke, we go for walks, we go for hikes, we work out, its awesome... Its the lifestyle you always dream of! --Chris & Hannah
  • Be Awake and Have Vitality without the spikes and valleys...
  • Experience Natural Energy!! When you love it, you can get more!
  • Enter to win a FREE 30-day supply...
  • Get 6 sticks of Wake Well powder drink mix with 99.5% pure patented QUERCETIN...
  • Aids overall metabolic health...
  • Aids in heart health...